Women's Game Recaps #80 - FINAL

* The 2016-'17 Division II season has come to a conclusion and the hardware has been doled out, so it's time to put the wraps on the winter...

* I'd like to thank everyone who has helped the report along the way, including (but not limited to) sports information staffs, coaches and fans. The info provided helps us return a product which can be of use to you, hopefully.

* There will be some updates to the website in the next few weeks so please take a look. Among the files to be brought up to speed will be the 2016-'17 Awards/All-Stars, East Regional overtime games, East Regional 100-point games and the East Regional scoring leaders.

* For those in attendance at the East Regionals in Garden City, you may have picked up a copy of the 2016-'17 East Regional Notes booklet (40+ pages, including notes on teams, regional history and more). There are limited copies leftover – for anyone interested in one, please email us at (Anfield13@aol.com) and we'll get back to you with details on how to obtain one.

* Prior to the start of next season we plan an expanded East Regional Podcast as a preview (both men and women) to the 2017-'18 campaign. The feedback we received this season was positive and we will try to improve upon the product next season. Ideas and feedback are always welcomed.

* That's about it for now – thanks again, have a great 'off-season'... see you in the fall for the 2017-'18 season!